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Initial Release Notes

Nov 18, 2007 at 1:30 AM
This ended up being a more complicate release than I anticipated, but since source code and build systems were involved... I should have expected that!

First and foremost, the biggest change from 3.3 to 4.0 version is that I had to pull spell checking from the desktop version. The control I was using is an OCX called Spellican and I've been very happy with it; I'm just not allowed to distribute their bits in a development form. They do have a trial version of the OCX if you want to use it on your own PC but I had to pull all of the hooks for it, to keep the code running. They majority of them are still there and commented out, but I did delete the menu items for it.

Beyond that, I left the structure of the source files in the same tree that I've used them all along. The individual projects all compile in .\Debug or .\Release - I then kept a "Release" directory at the project root, so that I could stage files for the installer. There were also a couple of things - like the plug in support - that had to be compiled in a particular order: I left that as is, because it was working.

All of the installer projects are kept in the VSInstall directory because I used to also have an InstallSHIELD based version of it, but I got rid of that years ago. While I included these project in the three solutions (mostly for the initial check in) they don't have to be there; in fact, I would expect that you'll run them on their own, rather than with each build.

Lastly, as to why I'm releasing the source of these projects: I'm done with them, in all honesty. I started SharpMT because I wanted an offline blog writing client like Ecto (which was Mac only in 2003) and there was no MT-specific alternative at the time: all of the blog writers only support one or two fields and MT had a lot more options that could be supported. Pocket SharpMT and Phone SharpMT came around when they started included hardware-based keyboards on the devices. I grew the projects up over the years, as people asked for new features, but by late 2006 the feature requests simply weren't interesting to me... rather than put the source code into a grave, I changed the version number and have unleashed it on CodePlex. I don't have any active plans to support the code here, but I may stop in from time to time to see how things are going (or answer any questions that I can - what made sense in 2003 may not be as clear in 2007!)

Happy coding!